Jitsi Video Chat

I thought it was about time to put links over here on this site for the jitsi video chat server.

I run my own personal Jitsi Video Chat server here among the many things I do. You can join us in the chat at https://jitsi.ke8lcm.com/ke8lcm

If you would like to be able to create your own rooms on my jitsi server get in touch with me and I can register you with the server. At this time I have locked down the room creation to users who are registered with the server. To open a new room you go to https://jitsi.ke8lcm.com there you will see a box to enter a room name. Make one up and click start meeting. You will see a dialog pop up that says Waiting for the host… Click I am the host and it will ask you for your login credentials. Once you’re logged in the room will be created and then everyone may join it. Once everyone is gone out of the room the room will disappear until you recreate it and login again.

You can also join us in the KE8LCM room from your phones on AmateurWire. Just dial extension 203 and you will be brought into the audio side of my Jitsi room.

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