May 28, 2024

AmateurWire VOIP

AmateurWire VOIP Service is a PBX phone system much like the HamShack Hotline or HamsOverIP. With this system hams can use VOIP Phones like Cisco, GrandStream, Yealink, Polycom etc… or even soft phones on Android, iPhone, and PC with support for most Operating Systems. The most common soft phone applications are GroundWire, Zoiper, Mizudroid, microsip. I find that on Android GroundWire is by far one of the best apps to use. It is not free but you purchase one time and you’re done. This app will allow you to connect multiple accounts from multiple providers and receive calls from all of them as well. The free version of Zoiper will only allow you one line and limited app features. MizuDroid is a free app and is decent but is a bit more complicated to figure out. Microsip is a PC program that works quite well and is pretty simple to work with. I am sure there are quite a bit more out there and I personally do not know much about apps for the iPhone.

AmateurWire and HamsOverIP are two systems that actually work together. Users from both systems have the ability to call eachother. HamShack Hotline does not participate in this kind of thing so for users of that system you must get an extension with them.

The systems also offer a range of services from Audio Feeds to Dial-in allstar nodes, conference rooms and more.

To learn more about the AmateurWire VOIP Service just go to and click on the information link in the top menu.

Please note the AmateurWire site does have ads on it. It does not provide much but it does help in funding things when the money builds up. That being said if you are using the google chrome browser there is an addon called Ublock Origin. I can personally say this plugin works and works quite well without compromising your security. This addon will block all ads that are shown on the AmateurWire site. I know they are annoying and I don’t really want to force anyone to see them all the time so if you can tolerate them we earn money every time they load on your screen. You don’t have to even click them impressions pay too.

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