Welcome to KE8LCM.com

I have again been neglecting this website for my other projects I have going on. AmateurWire is doing well with well over 100 users and gaining more every so often from all around the world.

AmateurWire Social is going well as well. If you have not checked that out and signed up yet go check it out. It is a decentralized social media network. There is no single server there are many and you can follow users of any server from any of the many mastodon instances out there. So you can even look into it and sign up on another server and still follow users from the AmateurWire Mastodon instance.

I am also currently working on getting my IC-7300 set back up for remote access through Remote Hams so users who are registered with that system will be able to use my radio when I have it active on remote hams.

I will attempt in the nearish future to get this website back to being decent and updated. Many changes will occur. I will most likely leave the forums up just incase anyone decides to use them. The support ticket system was initially intended for the PBX system so that will only be on the AmateurWire website once I do some updating.

My IRC Server is currently down so that is not working and I am not certain if or when I will ever bring it back up. In the meantime we do use discord and a link to that room can be found on the AmateurWire website. I do still run the Jitsi Video chat server so you can join us there and if you would like to be able to create your own rooms on there then get ahold of me on there and let me know. You must be registered with my server to be able to create rooms.

Just stay tuned… Changes coming….. eventually.

Amateur Radio