Welcome to KE8LCM.com

I have once again expanded a little on the services I offer. This is not a major addition but it was a lot of work to get it all working. I have now setup my own YSF Reflector. You can also connect to this reflector at ysf.ke8lcm.com on port 42000. This reflector is a private reflector that is always up and bridged into my allstar system. So now TGIF DMR talk group 50853, YSF and Allstar are all linked together. If you connect into the system from allstar to nodes 508530 or 508532 you will be talking on Allstar, DMR and YSF on my reflector. You can also listen live through my other allstar node 508533 at times. That node will now be used mostly in my system through YSF as well but will at times be connected to other YSF reflectors here and there by registered users of the system. If you wish to have tx access to the DVSwitch HTML client on node 508533 then just get in touch with me either on the AmateurWire Discord chat, Email, or on the AmateurWire Jitsi Server and we can go through the process of setting you up.

Do not forget about the hamcloud as well. Hamcloud was established to allow us all to share files with eachother in one central location. There is storage on the Hamcloud which is running in servers from multiple locations from here locally in AmatuerWire Headquarters in Parkersburg West Virginia to another server located in Bens Run West Virginia as well. So don’t forget to check these things out. We also have the AmateurWire Social Media website and the AmateurWire Phone System. There is no shortage of things going on over here and I will continue to add more as I learn more.

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