Welcome to KE8LCM.com

The AmateurWire website has been updated and is still being worked on. There is a support ticket system over there now for the PBX as well as here. You will have to register a new account over on that site for the support link to appear. To get to the AmateurWire website just click the link in the menu or click Here.

Yup it’s another amateur radio website but I also offer some services here. If you have not yet registered with my site you can do so by clicking the Register link on the left side of the page. Once you’re registered and logged in you will see more links on the left side that are only visible to members of the site. Registration is simple and I don’t ask for all your information. Just a username, a password, your name, email and your Amateur radio callsign. Registration is open to anyone who has a current amateur radio callsign or those interested in amateur radio only. I also offer a similar service to the HamShack Hotline here with my own PBX Server. It is also trunked into the HamShack Hotline system so users of both systems can call each other. If you would like an extension on the PBX register with the site and request it upon registering or if you’re already registered click on Support and submit a ticket to request an extension. Allow 24 to 48 hours for the setup and you will receive an Email with your extension number and password to the PBX.

News updates about the site and anything that happens with the services I offer will be posted in the forums so check there frequently for any new information regarding the services I offer.

Amateur Radio