May 28, 2024

HamCam FrontDoor

The HamCam FrontDoor page was originally coded and hosted by “KonaBOB” AH6GT. The site is now hosted and maintained here by me KE8LCM. The purpose of the FrontDoor page is to have a central point to find all the ham radio video chat rooms we have available. The page also shows a running log of call signs and the rooms they have joined as well as the time they joined in UTC. Some rooms are more active at certain times of the day. Others may rarely be active and rooms like AmateurWire typically have someone there nearly all the time. If you join a room and find yourself there alone consider sticking around for a few moments. The page refreshes every 60 seconds and when it does there is an audible door bell sound that lets others monitoring the page know someone has entered a room. They can then join the room and begin talking with you.

To check out the HamCam FrontDoor just go to


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