May 28, 2024

So far so good!

1 min read

Everything seems to be running just fine after the rebuild and after I have relocated the server in my home. Soon I should have a server rack to actually put the server into. Stick with me as I attempt to improve everything I have going on here. If you would like to donate to our little project here you can go to and click on the donate button there. There is also a donate button on the HamCam FrontDoor page as well. Donations do not have to be only monetary…. If you have old PC parts laying around that can still be used or server parts feel free to get in touch with me and see if its something that can be used to help keep things running over here. I currently run all my services on some older servers…. A Dell Poweredge R900 4U rackmount server, A Dell Poweredge R1950, A Dell Poweredge R610 and a Dell Poweredge 1900 Tower server. If you have pieces or parts, ram, hard drives or anything to do with these systems we are absolutely interested in having extra parts sitting around to swap out in case of a failure. Items can be shipped to the address listed with my call on QRZ. All help we get in keeping things running is welcome.

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