Welcome to KE8LCM.com, This site is currently under construction and more content will be coming soon. In the meantime if you are an amateur radio operator you can find me on Echolink node KE8LCM-L, All-Star Node 508531 or on DMR TG3154. If you are in my local area I can be found on the 147.255 repeater (WC8EC) and I can also be found most times all over HF but typically on 20 meters in the day and 40 at night. If you hear me drop your call sign and have a chat. I have added an IRC chat server specifically for hams and others who want to become hams. There is now a web chat client for the IRC server as well for those who do not wish to download an IRC client. It does include services to register nicks and channels as well. There will eventually also be forums and so on. I am still playing around with different themes and layouts for the site so keep checking back for updates.

UPDATE 10-16-21

I have been working on my own PBX phone server which will function sort of like Hamshack Hotline. I won’t have quite all the features they have right away but it will put those who have sip phones and softphones connected to it just an extension away. I will add more things to it as I can. For anyone who would like to participate with it all you need to do is contact me at ke8lcm@ke8lcm.com and we can go from there. I will need to know the ip addresses you will be connecting from so they can be allowed through the firewall and we will get you setup with your own extension. I do not have an endpoint manager at this time so I can not do push updates to your phones they will need to be configured manually. Just get in touch with me if you’re interested.

UPDATE 8-24-21

I have my allstar to dmr bridge working once again on a radioless node I made in my server. If you’re on the DMR side of things you can reach this node by setting a talk group in your radio as 3141898. The Brandmeister network has stopped bridges for statewide talkgroups so I can no longer link the bridge to the WV talk group 3154. This talkgroup runs direct to my DMR ID. In your code plug create a digital contact for 3141898 and name it KE8LCM-ASL if you like. Create a new Channel for your hotspot or repeater (some repeaters only allow certain talk groups. Also note keying up a talk group typically ties up a repeater for up to 10 minutes on the talk group so the hotspot method is preferred) Make sure it is set as group call not Private call and then add your new channel to your preferred zone and write it to your radio. Feel free to give me a shout on there.

UPDATE 7-29-21

Due to a lot of fake accounts being registered to the site lately I have shutdown the ability for anyone to be able to register to the site. If you would like to register just email me at ke8lcm@ke8lcm.com and we will get you set up.

UPDATE 7-2-21

I have added another logbook page. This page is automatically generated and uploaded every 3 minutes while my logging software is running and the page will automatically refresh every minute to keep you having the most recent copy. I just thought it was a neat addition to the page.

I am still working on the anonymous FTP server. The ftp server is installed and functional I just have not created the anonymous access section for the file dump yet. It will happen along with forums as well. Check back for more updates.

NOTE: If you register an account on my website I will not sell your information nor give it out to anyone. I get spam emails too and I absolutely hate it.

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