Remote Radio Access

I currently have my ICOM IC-7300 setup for remote access over the internet. To be able to use this feature you must be registered with RemoteHams. If you are registered with RemoteHams and want to have access to my radio then please email me at as I do not currently have it published for everyone to see on the remote hams software. I will give you instructions on how to access the radio once I have received your request.

Requests should include the following

  • Your name
  • Callsign
  • If you wish to have transmit authority or just to listen

I will verify all licenses so you must include your callsign. If you are not at least a General Class operator you will not be granted transmit rights on the radio. I will allow you to listen though so if you only hold a technician class license no worries. You will just not be allowed to transmit.

If you are a technician and wish to give HF a try to see if you like it you can contact me and we will set up a time where I can allow you to transmit. As the control operator I can allow you to transmit as long as I am present at the station and I announce your third party traffic. So if you would like to give HF a try to see if you may like it or not shoot me an email and let me know. We will work out a time when you would like to give it a shot, excluding most weekends because the bands a generally full of contesters and open frequencies are hard to find.

Amateur Radio