PBX Server

Here you will find a list of extensions for my PBX server. You can request a new extension by registering with the site and choosing the option to ask for a new extension or if you are already registered with the site you can submit a support ticket to request a new extension. Each extension includes voicemail and can also access the HamShack Hotline. Simply dial 8 and the extension number you wish to dial. Your friends on the HamShack Hotline can also dial you on my PBX. They just need to dial 6100000145 and then during the voice announcement they dial your extension number. Calls can also be placed to extensions from the regular phone network. Contact the site administrator for the number. I will not post the number here so we can try to ensure non hams do not get into the system. If one were to dial one of the allstar nodes and begin talking over RF without a license that would be bad.

Current PBX Extensions

Roger KE8LCM1002
David KE5XD1004
Jerry N8WBV1005
Ian G3ZHI1006
Nick KE8GCN1007
Frank KK6OKI1008
Tony K6GTA1009
JJ WX4XW1010
Randy K8KHW1011
Daryl G0ANV1012
Bret KE8DAC1013
Terry KC8TAM1014
David KF6DGN1015

Conference Rooms

Ham Conference Room 1200

RF Links

*99 to Transmit # to end transmission

KE8LCM Private Node508530
KE8LCM Hub Node508532

Audio Streams

Name Extension
Radio X-Mas300
NOAA Weather Radio Parkersburg WV301

I now have a trunk into my Mesh PBX Server on our AREDN mesh network. Extensions can be called from the main PBX by dialing a 4 before the extension. Example 42000 will call extension 2000 on the mesh pbx.

Roger KE8LCM2000
Kenny WA8LLM2001
Kenny WA8LLM2002
Sam N8SVX2003
Sam N8SVX2004
Sam N8SVX2005

Conference Rooms

Mesh Conference 1200

Amateur Radio