Listen Live

Yes the listen live page is back and functional. This time even better.

Hams can email me and request an account for my DVSwitch HTML Client just let me know your callsign, DMR ID, and a password you would want for the login and thats it. Once I add you you will be able to login to the DVSwitch HTML client and actually be able to transmit and even go to different DMR Talk groups on the TGIF network.

To get to the DVSwitch HTML Client just click the link or copy and paste the address into your browser.


When you connect to the page it will want you to login but just for listening you can click okay or login with NOCALL in the box and it will allow you to listen in. Just click the speaker icon on the top right of the client to enable your audio so you can hear and you should hear audio from the nodes if someone is talking on the system.

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