FTP Site

I have added an FTP site for users to connect to and download files I have available. This site is for freeware and documentation only and should not be used to upload any licensed software or cracks for licensed software. If you wish to download files from the FTP just use your favorite FTP client software and connect to ftp.ke8lcm.com and login as anonymous. If you wish to be able to contribute files to the FTP server for others to download you must contact me and we will set up an account for you which will give you write permissions to the FTP server.

NOTE: There is a directory in the FTP called Special-FTP. As an anonymous user you do not have access to this directory at all. No read and definitely no write access is allowed unless you are a registered user and I have added you permissions to this folder. This is just an FYI so you don’t start contacting me saying this folder does not work. Without being added specifically to access this folder you can not view it at all.

Amateur Radio