All-Star Nodes

Currently I have 3 Nodes running and 1 DMR to Allstar Bridge. Two of my nodes can also be accessed through echolink and 2 can also be dialed from the PBX server. Clicking the Node Numbers will take you to the nodes Supermon interface so you can see which nodes are linked where and if they are active.

Node NumberEcholinkNode Information
508530KE8LCM-RPersonal node on 70cm. This node is typically linked up with N8WBV and KE5XD. Can be dialed from the PBX server by dialing the node number.
508531KE8LCM-LThis node is RF linked with the WC8EC Repeater on 147.255+ here in Wood County West Virginia. Every Sunday we have a net at 8:30pm. The last Sunday of every month is a simplex net on 147.255
508532N/AThis is my Hub Node which also runs my DMR Bridge. The DMR side can be accessed by using 3141898 as your Talk group, group call. This node can also be accessed via the PBX by dialing the node number. This node is also usually always linked to 508530.

Amateur Radio