All-Star Nodes

Update 8-19-21

I have been working on a third node. This node has no radio and is to be used as a Hub Node. I also have began trying to get an Allstar to DMR bridge working on it as well. Not having great success just yet but it will be working soon. That node can be found here.

Update: 7-21-2021

I do have both nodes running still. My personal node # 508530 is now on its own ip address and also has echolink running as KE8LCM-R while the second node which is RF linked with our local WC8EC repeater is still on echolink as KE8LCM-L. I still do not have my Analog to DMR bridge working yet but I am going to get around to it one of these days. Most of the time you will find me on my local personal node but mostly I use HF but I continue to try and keep things with my VHF and UHF nodes working and doing more. Keep checking back for future updates.

If you would like to view the supermon page for my nodes you can click here. Node #508530 is my private node. It is ran on UHF using a Baofeng UV82 as the radio connected to a modified CM108 sound fob and a raspberry pi 3B+. That node usually is connected up with a friend of mine in Portsmouth Ohio. Node #508531 as I previously mentioned is RF linked to a local repeater and can also be accessed through Echolink at KE8LCM-L. This node is also ran on a PI 3B+ with a modified CM108 sound fob and the radio is a Yaesu FT-2400H. If you see node #1999 that is an internal node I use for an All-Star to DMR bridge typically linked to the West Virginia State Wide talk group on Brandmeister. Currently the bridge is not working but I will get it working soon and link it in occasionally.

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